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  • Congratulations to Akash and all the co-author for their recent publication on Acs Catalysis " A Phosphine-Free Manganese Catalyst Enables Stereoselective Synthesis of (1 + n) Membered Cycloalkanes from Methyl Ketones and 1,n-Diols".Please check out ACS Catal. 2020, 10, 2615-2626

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Syntheses of organic molecules in simple, efficient, and cost effective manner are of great importance to the human society for making molecules for pharmaceuticals, chemical industry, materials science, energy supply, crop-protection, nutrition etc. In this respect catalysis is the key technology for the development of such processes and is becoming more and more important in 21st century. My research area focuses on the development of small molecular catalysts using cheap and abundant resources for environmentally benign and economically sound catalytic transformations. It combines the knowledge of organic synthesis, organometallic chemistry and physical organic chemistry for the activation of small molecules and asymmetric transformations with the aim to produce synthetically and pharmaceutically relevant molecules.

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